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Mar 25, 2023

Elizabeth joins Lelon to discuss The Web Planet and its novelization (Doctor Who and the Zarbi). Sorry this one runs a bit long.

We need questions for our Season 2 wrap up show! If you submit a question we use you'll be entered into our drawing for a copy of the new Season 2 Blu-ray!!! Ask the girls about anything you...

Feb 13, 2023

Lelon and Elizabeth tackle the first historical of Season 2. What will Elizabeth think of this fan favorite? And will the novelization make a convert out of Lelon who has never been particularly fond of this episode?

#Gally1 is in 3 days. Lelon will be there. Find him at the podcast meetup or on one of his panels. Or at...

Jan 22, 2023

Lelon and Josie tackle the first arrival of a new companion. The novelization adds a lot of what Josie calls "undergroundness". But how will she rate it?

Jan 2, 2023

Lelon and Josie tackle the first companion departure.

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Aug 17, 2022

Lelon & Elizabeth kick off season 2 by reading and watching Planet of Giants. Shot as 4 episodes but cut down to 3, the missing material is present in the novelization. Does it make it a must read? Find out!