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Dec 23, 2023

We're still celebrating the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who so this week we're going off format to see what the kids think of nuWho. How do they rates the episodes of Series 1? And what is their first impression of David Tennant?

Nov 24, 2023

Happy Doctor Who Day!!! For the 60th anniversary we're discussing.... Galaxy Four. Sorry that is just the way it lined up. But we have something fun planned for our very next episode coming out very soon!

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Oct 3, 2023

We rate the episodes! We rate the companions! We rate the seasons! We answer listener questions. And we have an announcement about the future of the podcast. 

Sep 20, 2023

Lelon and Elizabeth discuss The Time Meddler. Does the revelation of another Time Lord blow her mind? Or is today's youth too jaded to enjoy one of the greatest Doctor Who episodes ever?

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Sep 11, 2023

It's a Dalek episode which means Josie is on the podcast. She wants to know if anyone out there actually likes The Chase.

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